best dentist in richmond hill

5 Sep
best dentist in richmond hill

Mackenzie smiles has the best dentist in Richmond Hill who serves all patients from Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Thornhill and North York.

What is the best way of finding a good dentist in my area?

Patient expectations and attitudes coupled with increasing regulatory requirements have changed the dynamics of dentistry. Our forward thinking dentist appreciates the value of moving beyond treating your teeth and gums problems and into strategies that promote health with his patients.

The fundamental tenets of any dentist- patient relationship are trust, respect and education and our dentistry team members strive to meet all of these requirements for you. They maintain a positive, empathetic and caring attitude.

Whenever you want to come to our office for either only dental exam or dental surgeries or other dental and gums problems, we are ready to create a happy place for you where everyone feels united and satisfied. You shouldn’t waste your time for fixing your teeth problems, so , we do all dental services here in our luxury office .

We always use the strongest, the prettiest and the best value materials . We have the best dentist in Richmond hill who is skilled and experienced in almost all dental services.

Emergency Dentist Near Me Open Tomorrow

Whatever the case may be, it’s always a good idea to get a timely evaluation and prompt care. If left untreated, dental problems often worsen, leading to more serious consequences to your oral health and overall well-being.

Mackenzie smiles Dentistry with the best dentist in Richmond hill is open 7 days a week and we accept all dental emergencies and do their dental work on the same day as well. As health care professionals, we owe it to our patients to be prepared in order to cure their dental problems whenever they want.


Pain is your body’s way of signaling that something is not quite right and though, there are many reasons for oral pain. one of the most common complaints and reasons for seeking urgent dental care is a toothache. Whether you simply need a filling, a crown or require a root canal procedure to save your tooth, we’ll alleviate your discomfort and restore the look and function of the involved tooth.

Dental Trauma:

Dental trauma can result in a defect as minor as a small chip in tooth enamel to a more extensive and painful crack or fracture. With sufficient force, a tooth can even be displaced or completely knocked out of its socket. With prompt emergency care, many injured teeth can be restored.

Broken or lost dental appliances

A broken or lost dental prosthesis or restoration can cause embarrassing gaps in your smile as well as compromise your ability to eat and speak with ease. If you’ve lost or broken a dental filling, denture, crown, or other dental appliance, you can rely on our office to perform a prompt repair or provide a durable and cosmetically pleasing replacement as quickly as possible. Mackenzie Smiles dentistry is open 7 days of a week, even on most holidays. Best dentist in Richmond hill ready to help you whenever you want.

What’s Our Secret To Being The Best Dentists In Richmond Hill?

We have been working in this field for many years and understand your needs and how to deal with them in the best possible manner.

We are specialized in all ages, from infants to elderly people. You can schedule a dental appointment for all your family members together and leave smiling. If you are looking for walk-in Dental office that is open seven days a week from early morning to late night, visit Mackenzie Smiles Dental office.

Best dentist in Richmond hill is able to provide advanced treatments for his patients. He has done more than 500 dental implants and is expert in it. He can manage his patient’s pain and anxiety in a relaxed environment and even by all types of sedation, if you wish.

At Mackenzie Smiles Dentistry, we offer all the modern technology and equipment advancements in dental care and that is why we are one of the best dental offices in Richmond Hill and around from our patients views.

We can give you an appointment on Sunday, if it is your desire. Our location is so convenient, just in front of Mackenzie Health Hospital in Richmond Hill. Most insurance plans are accepted and we submit claims on your behalf. If you have any questions please feel free to call us anytime.

Dentists In Richmond Hill Family Dentistry & Cosmetic Dentistry

You will leave Mackenzie Smiles Dentistry feeling confident about your understanding of why you need that particular procedure because we care about it. Our location is so convenient, just in front of Mackenzie Health Hospital in Richmond Hill. Most insurance plans are accepted and we submit claims on your behalf.

On special events, we offer special discounts for you. If you want to see the most updated version of dental office in York Region of Ontario , it would be great to come to our dental office.

Today's dental technology makes visiting the dentist a faster ,more pleasant experience .In Mackenzie Smiles Dentistry, we offer all the modern technology and equipment advancements in dental care.


Intra oral camera is Best described as an effective tool used by dentists to communicate and educate their patients, intraoral cameras are essentially tiny digital cameras that enable dentists to capture images of difficult-to-reach areas in the mouth. They can easily go inside the mouth and capture digital images inside it.
They are powerful tools to effectively find out teeth problems hidden even in the most troublesome areas of the mouth.
The camera looks like a writing pen that, when moved around inside the mouth, allows us to see all inside the mouth better .
In MACKENZIE SMILES ,we use this for your favor.


Digital X-Ray sensors are the quickest way to acquire x-ray images while offering the benefits of a filmless radiographic system.
We simply position the sensor in the mouth, fire the x-ray (at greatly reduced radiation), and the x-ray instantly appears on your computer monitor.

You can then view and enhance the x-ray for your diagnostics. It has been shown to increase case acceptance while increasing office productivity.

Sensors are ideal for offices that do endo or implants, or want instant images. We use it in our office for better diagnosing your teeth problems.


When you visited a dentist, you typically received X-rays wherein a piece of plastic was placed inside your mouth to bite down on, and multiple pictures were taken that showed one or several teeth. Dentists often do several of these X-rays to identify conditions that may be affecting different parts of the mouth.

In contrast to this traditional radiograph, a panoramic dental X-ray creates a single image of the entire mouth: the upper and lower jaws, their temporomandibular (TMJ) joints, all the teeth, the nasal area and sinuses. This image provides a flat representation of the jaw's otherwise curved structure, making it easier to analyze each part.

A panoramic X-ray gives us a comprehensive view of your entire mouth on a single film and in a relatively short amount of time.

Panoramic X-ray allows visualization of regions that cannot be captured or are difficult to image on other types of radiographs, such as the temporomandibular joints and wisdom teeth. Panoramic radiographs may also be used to examine the developing adult teeth and to diagnose other common and less frequently occurring conditions.

Laser in dentistry

We have the best dentist in Richmond hill and he is able to make the complicated dental surgeries as a piece of cake for him. One of his capabilities in dental and gums surgeries is using laser technology for having less bleeding and less pain while doing them.

This is one cause that all of his surgery patients are satisfied with him. Get your free consultation with skilled and experienced and the best dentist in Richmond hill for your first visit.

Best dentist in Richmond hill

MACKENZIE SMILES DENTISTRY is a family practice that utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to provide compassionate quality care for all patients. Best dentist in Richmond hill is passionate about providing care for patients of all ages from young kids to seniors, special needs patients who may have mental or physical disabilities, high anxiety patients and so on. We are here to change your perception about dentistry .

At MACKENZIE SMILES , we choose the best materials and we utilize the latest in technology to enhance the quality of your dental care.

How to call dentist

Our office is conveniently located on Major Mackenzie drive and Harding boulevard intersection, just in front of Mackenzie Health Hospital in York-Med Building. We are open 7 days a week and accept new patients. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office with any questions and concerns you may have at #905 237 2353. The Best dentist in Richmond hill looks forward to working with you.

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