your oral health is very vital by doing oral cancer screening in Richmond Hill you can ensure that your mouth is healthily

Oral Cancer Screenings in Richmond Hill, ON

Just because you don’t hear about the need for oral cancer screening as often as screening for other forms of the disease doesn’t mean it isn’t important. The information surrounding oral cancer, also known as mouth cancer, is alarming. It can often be present without symptoms that you notice at home. For that reason, we invite you to make an appointment with Dr. Oscar Mousavi at Mackenzie Smiles Dentistry for accurate and prompt visual oral cancer screening near you.

Facts About Oral Cancer

According to the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), dentists near you have the skill and training required to screen for oral cancer, as does Dr. Oscar Mousavi. If you are still uncertain about the need for annual screening, just like many other annual health tests, please consider the following:  

  • Although smokers are six times more likely to get oral cancer, the disease affects non-smokers too.
  • Choosing to dip, snuff, or use alternate tobacco products such as vaping can reduce your risk of developing oral cancer, but it will not negate your risk.
  • Those who consume alcohol to excess are six times more likely to succumb to oral cancer than those who either moderately drink or don’t drink at all.
  • Having one cigarette in the morning will more than double your risk of developing oral cancer.
  • Almost 20 people are diagnosed with oral cancer each day.

Our dentist in Richmond Hill, ON will perform visual screening for oral cancer, looking for one or more of the following early signs of the disease:

  • White or red patches in your oral cavity (including your mouth, lips, and tongue).
  • Changes in the appearance of your mouth tissue, including color, texture, and raised areas.
  • Numbness, bleeding, or sore patches in your mouth, including your lips and tongue.

Make Annual Screening a Part of Your Preventive Care 

If you want to receive oral cancer screening as a stand-alone appointment, we’re here to provide the precise visual screening that’s required. We can also provide screening during your comprehensive dental exams and teeth cleanings. Many of our patients schedule these appointments around the time of their other health screenings for convenience. Please call us now to learn more.