if you are going through from tooth ache at our dental clinic in Richmond Hill we provide a smooth tooth removal procedure consult with us and free from your tooth pain

Tooth Extractions in Richmond Hill, ON

When it’s time to select a dentist in Richmond Hill, ON for tooth extractions, we invite you to make an appointment with Dr. Oscar Mousavi at Mackenzie Smiles Dentistry. Not only will you discover state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure that your tooth extraction in Richmond Hill, ON, is precise in every regard, but you’ll discover the gentle touch of Dr. Oscar Mousavi during your procedure. Please call us now or use our online booking tool to schedule your tooth extraction today.

Types of Tooth Extractions Performed

Thanks to the ongoing advancements in modern dental technology and equipment, including those used here at Mackenzie Smiles Dentistry, dental extractions are now more streamlined than ever before. When you visit us for your tooth removal consultation, you’ll learn that there are two types of extraction. The first type is called a simple tooth extraction. There is no entry into the gum tissue involved. The second type of extraction is a surgical tooth extraction that requires entry of the gum tissue.

Simple tooth extraction is most performed on teeth that have become decayed and can no longer be restored. Teeth may also be removed for orthodontic treatment. Dr. Mousavi uses forceps to remove the designated tooth gently. The procedure is relatively quick and pain-free with the assistance of a local anesthetic.

Surgical tooth extraction is most commonly performed on teeth that have not yet erupted from the gum line, such as impacted wisdom teeth. Although the procedure is considered more invasive than a simple tooth extraction, sedation dentistry is available from our dentist in Richmond Hill, ON. Make sure to ask us about this option for additional peace of mind during your procedure.

Our goal at Mackenzie Smiles Dentistry is to help our patients retain their natural teeth for a lifetime. However, there will be times when an extraction is necessary to ensure optimum oral health. When you visit us for your tooth extraction consultation, Dr. Mousavi will advise you of all treatment options available if your tooth can be treated instead of extracted.

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