When is the best time to get your wisdom teeth removed

When Is the Best Time to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

August 1, 2023

Have your back teeth erupted, but they already give you sleepless nights because of pain? Or are they having difficulty erupting? If they are, you are not alone. Wisdom teeth usually get stuck under the gums, grow at an angle, and have cavities since they are difficult to clean. Thus, there is an increased need for wisdom teeth removal in Richmond Hill, ON.

Wisdom teeth are always the last to come in, and they erupt when you are grown; that’s where they get their name from, but they never make anyone wiser! They are quite tricky, especially before they erupt. Irrespective of the issue, no one ever envisions that their last teeth to come in are the first to go.

Remember that our dentist always focuses on saving your natural teeth at all costs. But there are times removing your teeth is the best course of action. That’s why you must know when to remove your wisdom teeth. Continue reading!

Jaw Stiffness

You can expect these last molars to appear from 17 to 25 years. When these teeth erupt, they can push against the adjacent teeth. Therefore, some pressure can be exerted by your wisdom teeth, which can cause the other teeth to move out of their position, thus causing jaw stiffness and discomfort in your mouth.

If we don’t seek treatment from our dentist to check the issue, the situation can worsen, and the pain becomes intense. Once the pain kicks in, you must seek emergency wisdom tooth removal to avoid further complications.

Gum Sensitivity

Some people may have smaller jaw bones, so when the wisdom teeth erupt, they might cause overcrowding. The lack of space for the new teeth can cause discomfort and unrelenting pain in your jaw and mouth.

Besides pain, your gums can get overly sensitive to heat, cold, and pressure. These changes can lead to difficulty eating and cleaning your teeth. If the sensitivity continues, you might have an infection since you will not clean your teeth. Therefore, there will be no better time to seek wisdom teeth removal than if you experience these issues.

Sinus Problems

Since the wisdom teeth are right below the sinuses, your impacted wisdom teeth can affect them. The impacted (teeth stuck under the gums) teeth can cause pain, pressure, and congestion in your sinuses. Thus, you will have to extract the impacted wisdom teeth.


When there is no space for your wisdom teeth to occupy, they can get stuck under the gum line. When they get impacted, cysts or tumors can form. There is a sac known as a tooth follicle that aids in tooth development surrounding the impacted teeth. When this sac is filled with fluid, it leads to the formation of cysts.

These cysts will continue enlarging and damaging nearby dental tissue, such as teeth, bone, or gums. If these cysts are left unchecked, they can become so big that a part of your jaw must be removed, or other teeth besides wisdom teeth must be extracted. If this happens, you will need reconstructive work on your jaw to restore normal teeth and functioning.

Also, these cysts can develop into tumors, which can be malignant and need extensive surgical removal.

Tooth Decay and Damage

When your wisdom tooth partially erupts, it can be difficult to clean. Thus, you will not get all the debris and bacteria out of the mouth, leading to tooth decay. Since tooth decay destroys the teeth without showing noticeable signs to the untrained eye, you might notice when the decay has reached the inner parts of the tooth. You will begin to feel pain at this stage, meaning the decay has reached the nerves; therefore, you will need a root canal.

If you don’t seek treatment for the decay, it can spread to the nearby teeth or lead to a severe infection. The best thing to do is remove the partially erupted wisdom teeth.

Elective Wisdom Tooth Removal

Our dentist may check your teeth by taking an x-ray to check the condition of your teeth. If our dentist in Richmond Hill notices that there is a chance that your wisdom teeth will cause a problem, then an extraction will be the next move to stop any potential issues.

Wisdom teeth are an essential part of your oral health. However, if they do more harm than good, you might need an extraction. Contact us at Mackenzie Smiles Dentistry if you need wisdom teeth removal in Richmond Hill, ON.