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When To Seek Emergency Dental Care: Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

July 7, 2023

Maintaining immaculate dental hygiene and visiting your dentist for six monthly exams and cleanings can minimize your chances of needing emergency dental care. However, dental situations can develop without warning in the evening, on holidays, or from accidents or impacts on your mouth, leaving you with a broken or knocked-out tooth.

If you neglect six-monthly dental visits, infections can develop in your mouth and aggravate to cause complications like pain, bleeding, swelling, fever, et cetera. No matter what the dental crisis is affecting you or a family member, getting medical attention for the problem from a emergency dentist near you is essential to prevent costly and invasive therapies.

If a dental emergency arises when eating foods in the evening or from infections in your mouth and impacts injuring your face, you must seek attention from the emergency dentistry in Richmond Hill, ON, at the earliest instead of avoiding treatment and inviting unnecessary complications and expenditures that you wouldn't want. However, how do you determine whether you have a dental emergency? If you aren't aware, look at other below-mentioned signs indicating you have a dental crisis on your hands.

Dental Emergency Signs

Dental emergency signs differ between everyone to merely indicate you have a dental crisis that needs prompt treatment. Some dental emergencies can wait until the following day to receive treatment from your regular dentist. Others require immediate attention from the Richmond Hill dentist before the condition aggravates. Some signs you must watch out for include the following:

  • Toothaches: toothaches can develop from food particles trapped between your teeth or dental infections like tooth decay or a dental abscess. The severity of the discomfort and its duration should make you realize you have a dental crisis that needs attention from a dentist sooner than later.
  • If the toothache emanates from food particles trapped between your teeth, the dentist gives you a thorough cleaning and pain relievers to ensure you have a good night's rest. If the discomfort results from cavities in your teeth, dentists x-ray the tooth to determine the extent of damage and recommend dental fillings as suitable restorations. Unfortunately, you are in trouble if you have a dental abscess causing excruciating pain and temperature sensitivity besides fever, swelling in your face and cheeks, and oozing pus. The situation calls for the fearsome root canal therapy to eradicate a severe infection within your tooth. If the dentist recommends a root canal, you must not fear the treatment because it is the sole technique to preserve your natural tooth from extraction. In addition, if you leave the condition untreated, it can become life-threatening, spreading to your jawbone and bloodstream to affect your entire body. Therefore whenever you or a family member develops a toothache, whether minor or significant, you must receive treatment from emergency dentistry at the earliest.
  • Knocked-out Teeth: accidents or impacts on your mouth during contact sporting activity can result in a knocked-out tooth. When confronting such a problem, you must remain calm, collect the tooth on the ground, and rinse it in water if dirty. You can place the tooth between your cheeks or a milk container before heading to the Richmond Hill dentist for reinsertion into its socket, ensuring you reach the dentist's practice within 30 minutes for optimal chances of preserving your natural tooth. Delay in receiving treatment within the specified timeline will make you require expensive replacement solutions.
  • Bleeding Gums: bleeding gums indicate you are affected by gum disease, causing inflammation, redness, and discoloration to make your gums appear darker. If you notice bleeding from the gums when brushing and flossing, you must seek treatment from your dentist to help control the progress of this condition. However, if you ignore gum disease, it silently progresses to periodontitis to become a lifelong companion because dentists have not discovered a cure for the problem. However, seek emergency dental care to alleviate the bleeding. The dentist will provide a remedy advising you to seek periodontal care receiving deep cleanings, or more intensive procedures if your condition has advanced.
  • Lost Restorations: restorations like dental fillings and crowns can also dislodge, making treatments from dentists essential. However, you can safeguard your tooth using sugar-free chewing gum to cover it until you can receive treatment from your regular dentist the following day. If you are overly concerned about missing restorations, you can consider seeking emergency care from the dentist nearby, requesting restorations or temporary crowns if required to safeguard your unprotected tooth.

Dental emergencies result from signs you shouldn't have ignored, indicating negligence, making you need treatments when least expected. Therefore, you must remember never to neglect dental visits to your regular dentist in Richmond Hill, ON to ensure they assess your teeth and mouth and warn you of impending issues that might aggravate an emergency. It is the optimal way to prevent a dental crisis and safeguard your mouth and wallet from expensive dental treatment later.

Dental situations arising from accidents or pure negligence need prompt treatment from Mackenzie Smiles Dentistry offering solutions for the problem without making you wait in a queue. Visit the our emergency dental clinic after working hours, on holidays, and on weekends to receive emergency care if you or your family member needs it to confront a dental emergency.