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Why Dental Implants Are the Perfect Solution for Missing Teeth?

June 26, 2023
Missing teeth need replacements to hide the gaps in your smile. While dentures and dental bridges can help replace missing teeth, they are unsuitable for many, fearing the discomfort of wearing dentures or the lack of healthy teeth besides the missing tooth gap. In such cases, people may need an alternative restoration option. When seeking missing teeth replacements, dental implants are excellent choices that do not affect healthy teeth in the mouth as it is familiar with traditional bridges or sit on the gums, causing discomfort and anxiety. Instead, dental implants are inserted deep into your jawbone to replace your missing natural tooth root. Therefore you benefit by seeking a replacement for missing teeth with dental implants that, besides providing artificial teeth, also give you the tooth root for additional benefit. Dental implants in Richmond Hill, ON are optimal as restorations for tooth loss instead of dentures or bridges because they prevent jawbone resorption that starts soon after you miss a tooth or two.

Dental Implants Explained

Dental implants are a unique tooth replacement process mimicking the entire tooth structure. You can receive a single-tooth implant for a missing tooth due to infection, trauma, et cetera. However, if you have several missing teeth, you can also consider implants to replace them with a durable option that remains in your mouth for life. If seeking dental implants, expect the dental professional to insert a biocompatible titanium post deep into your jawbone to replace your missing tooth root. The titanium post later supports a customized dental crown explicitly created for you, functioning as a replacement tooth. As dental implants are beneficial, they are considered optimal tooth replacement solutions for most. The implants provide stable support to your new artificial teeth by integrating with your jawbone, which heals tightly around it. When seeking replacements for missing teeth with dental implants from the Richmond Hill provider or elsewhere, having excellent dental health without periodontal disease and general health without systemic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and immunosuppressive disorders is essential. You must also prepare for surgery when getting dental implants and lengthy recovery time for osseointegration to complete to enable the titanium post to integrate with your body. After recovering from the dental implant procedure, you will receive your artificial tooth from the providers, following the aftercare instructions diligently.

Why are Dental Implants Optimal Than Alternatives?

In contrast to dental bridges and dentures, implants are considered more effective because they help replace your missing tooth root to serve as a healthier replacement solution for your natural tooth. Below are five reasons you must consider dental implants perfect for replacing missing teeth.
  1. Implanted Teeth Appear and Feel Natural: Distinguishing between natural and implanted teeth becomes challenging because the replacement solution restores chewing and allows you to maintain excellent dental hygiene as usual.
  2. Stronger and Sturdier: Unlike dentures needing frequent relining and replacements in five years or dental bridges requiring replacements in seven to 10 years, the titanium post inserted into your jawbone integrates with it to provide a stable foundation for your replacement dental crown. Dental crowns are made from porcelain to resemble and function like natural teeth. In addition, with proper care and regular assessments from your walk-in dentist or checkups and cleanings, the implant remains in your jawbone for life, becoming a permanent replacement solution for missing teeth.
  3. Adjacent Teeth Unaffected: Dental implants are standalone applications inserted in your jawbone without acquiring support from the adjacent teeth, as it is familiar with dental bridges. Dentists do not need to make structural changes to the neighbouring natural teeth besides the missing tooth gap. They merely insert the titanium post beneath your gums, leaving your adjacent teeth unaffected and healthy.
  4. Implants Last for Life: the implant in your jawbone remains with you for life. You may need replacements for the dental crown due to accidental damage after a decade or more. However, if you maintain excellent dental hygiene and visit your dentist in Richmond Hill for dental plaque removal constantly building up on your natural and replacement teeth, you can anticipate the dental implant to remain with you forever. Dental plaque makes you susceptible to periodontal disease, a deterrent for dental implant success. Therefore getting regular dental checkups is essential to make your dental implant procedure succeed.
  5. Implants Prevent Jawbone Resorption: besides replacing your missing teeth, implants also prevent jawbone deterioration which starts occurring soon after losing a tooth and remains ongoing until you substitute the tooth with a replacement. As your jawbone integrates with the biocompatible implant to make it your artificial tooth root, it receives the stimulation necessary from the biting and chewing of other forces to prevent your jawbone from collapsing to make you appear older and maintain your facial shape.
Dental implants are not considered perfect solutions for missing teeth without reason. The above-described benefits should convince you about the integrity of dental implants to consider replacing missing teeth with them to benefit your oral and overall health. If missing teeth concern you and impact your smile and mouth functionality, Mackenzie Smiles Dentistry offers the perfect solution to replace them with dental implants. Consider scheduling a consultation with them for teeth replacement solutions if eligible for dental implants after a comprehensive examination.