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Dental Bridges in Richmond Hill, ON

Dental bridges from our dentist at Mackenzie Smiles Dentistry are an excellent choice for patients considering the replacement of a missing tooth. As a comprehensive dentist in Richmond Hill, ON offers other tooth replacement choices. If you’ve decided that now is the time to improve the appearance and functionality of your smile and teeth, we invite you to make an appointment to learn more about dental bridges near you.

Benefits of Dental Bridges 

While several choices are available for tooth replacement from a comprehensive dentist like Dr. Oscar Mousavi, such as an implant or dentures, some advantages of a dental bridge should be considered.

Unlike a dental implant procedure, which requires months of treatment time, a dental bridge from our dentist in Richmond Hill, ON can be completed in as few as two appointments. That means instead of having to juggle appointment times for several months, your smile will be renewed after two visits. Another advantage of dental bridges over dental implants is that the procedure is less invasive since it does not require a prosthetic being embedded into your jawbone.

And, unlike partial dentures, which can be uncomfortable to wear for some patients, a dental bridge from Mackenzie Smiles Dentistry not only looks like a natural tooth but is held in place with more security and comfort than dentures.

Still, there are advantages of dental implants and dentures over dental bridges for many patients. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to choose what’s best for your lifestyle and goals – both long-term and short-term. We’ll provide you with information about each treatment protocol in easy-to-understand language, so you can have confidence that the choice you’ve made is the best for you.

Customized Treatment Plans 

Want to learn more about dental bridges specifically or other treatments available in smile restoration from our dentist at Mackenzie Smiles Dentistry? If so, we’d love to design a customized treatment plan just for you. Please give us a call now to schedule a time that’s best for you.